Creative Landscape Supplies provide high quality soil products for sale to the Eurobodalla Shire region that is both organic and promotes healthy vegetation.

Soil for Sale in Eurobodalla Shire

If you are looking to improve your garden vegetation, look no further than Creative Landscape Supplies for all of your soil needs. Here at Creative Landscape Supplies, we have a wide range of soils that can be used for all vegetation such as fruits and vegetables. We also provide our products to Eurobodalla Shire and the surrounding areas, which gives us a great reputation with the locals. Talk to the team at Creative Landscape Supplies today to best decide which soil will suit your lifestyle best.

Mushroom Compost for Sale in Eurobodalla Shire

Cre8tive Landscaping Supplies Mushroom Compost

At Creative Landscape Supplies, we stock mushroom compost. Our mushroom compost for sale is an organic plant fertilizer that is constructed using resources such as hay, straw, corn cobs, hulls and poultry or horse manure. 

This particular compost can be utilised for a number of uses including amending soil in gardens, lawns and container plants. However, this mushroom compost should be used with caution as there are high salt levels within the compost. This can cause negative effects to germinating seeds, young seedlings as well as salt-sensitive plants.

There are many benefits that can be accredited to the use of mushroom compost including that it is inexpensive to purchase, enriches soil nutrients, increases the water-holding capacity and supports plant growth.

Gold Blend (AS4419) for Sale in Eurobodalla Shire

Cre8tive Landscaping Supplies Gold Blend (AS4419)

Gold blend soil is also part of Creative Landscape Supplies diverse range of soils. Gold blend soil is comprised of organic materials such as VENM soil, sand and certified composts.

Gold blend soil can be used in a variety of ways, however, is best suited for gardening and landscaping practices. More specifically, trees & shrubs, roses, herbs, ornamentals and camellias.

Purchasing gold blend soil for your garden will add nutrients back into the existing soil, increase the soils fertility and water-holding capacity and aids in the drainage by restoring structure to the soil.

Native Mix for Sale in Eurobodalla Shire

Cre8tive Landscaping Supplies Native Mix
Native mix is a premium soil mixture that is an organic product that promotes low nutrients. Native mix soil contains osmocote to promote nutrients, iron to boost green foliage and low phosphorus levels to prevent leaves becoming yellow.

Cre8tive Landscape Supplies native mix soil can be used in a variety of ways to benefit your landscape, these include gardening, landscaping and planting. This native mix soil has been tested using the Australian Standards 4419, under strict conditions.

There are many benefits to implementing native mix soil, these include feeding the native vegetation for 9 months, increased water-holding capacity, and overall increased vegetation health.

Organic Top Dress for Sale in Eurobodalla Shire

Cre8tive Landscaping Supplies Organic Top Dress

Organic top-dressing soil is a very high performing and very organic soil that not only promotes growth in lawn and grass seeding but is less crusting than other soil-based mixtures.

This top-dressing soil has one main purpose and this purpose is to promote growth in lawn and grass seeding. Creative Landscape Supplies organic top-dressing soil contains a blend of sand, soil, composts and manures which all contribute to the health and wellbeing of your seedings.

By choosing Creative Landscape Supplies organic top-dressing soil, growth of grass and lawn seedlings will increase within the first 12 months, as well as protecting the seedlings from plant diseases. It also aids in growth in times of poor sunlight or weather conditions.

Turf Special for Sale in Eurobodalla Shire

Cre8tive Landscaping Supplies Turf Special Blend

Creative Landscape Supplies also promote turf special soil, which is a natural blend of organic products that is utilised for the underlay of turf as well all lawn types. The contents of turf special soil include VENM soil and a mixture of sands and certified composts.

The turf special soil can be utilised for both commercial and domestic needs. Turf special soil is also specialised in being used for soft leaf buffalo and Kikuyu grass but is suitable for all lawn types.

Not only does turf special soil improve nutrients within the soil to promote lawn growth and increased water-holding capacity, but also increases root establishment.

Creative Veggie Blend for Sale in Eurobodalla Shire

Cre8tive Landscaping Supplies Turf Special Blend

Creative Landscape Supplies has also created a veggie blend soil that is a 50/50 split between topsoil as well as compost. With combining both these mixtures results in little to no additional fertilisation required.

This Creative Landscape Supplies veggie blend soil is perfect for a wide range of vegetables, fruits, herbs as well as flowers. Being an organic product, it is perfect for both topsoil and compost uses, and it isn’t harmful to your vegetation.

Promoting healthy vegetation as well as increasing water-holding capacity are some of the many reasons why you should select Creative veggie blend soil for your lawn or garden.



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Creative Landscape Supplies are suppliers of building and landscaping products in that are organic and promote healthy vegetation. We have the products and supplies you need for your garden and lawn projects – soil, gravel, sand, rock, mulch and cement products – in the Eurobodalla Shire region, including, Batemans Bay, Batehaven, South Durras, Tomakin, Nelligen.

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